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The Creative Spark
Look within. You might surprise yourself.
Mystery Series: Book One
Start your engines!
Bargain Nonfiction Favourites
Great reads at a truly great price.
Bargain Fiction Favourites
The best of the best on our fiction table.
Because it feels good to pick up the pieces.
From Anomia to Zangle, and everything in between.
Pantry staples, kid-friendly projects, recipes to recreate restaurant faves. And more.
Pandemic Reading
For those who prefer to lean in to our troubled times.
Activity Ideas for Kids
 See our kids page for many more recommendations
from Kirsten & the staff in our children's department!
Staff Favourites: Recent Releases
Some of our very favourite books from the last six months (or so).
Books for Self Isolating
Fiction and nonfiction on the art of being alone.
Comfort Reads
We all need to take care of ourselves.
Sowing the seeds for a better future.
"I've Been Meaning to Read That..."
It's time to tackle that doorstopper.
Home Workouts
Step one: Remember to stand up.
Crafting Books
Make something beautiful.
Armchair Travel
Live vicariously.
Words of Wisdom
For those seeking clarity in chaos.
Books to Get Lost In
Wouldn't you like an escape?
Cancelled Events - Please Support Our Authors!
These authors have worked for years on their books, and it is a huge blow to have all their events cancelled. Please consider supporting them by purchasing their books online.